Thursday, January 16, 2014

2013 - 2014

Where in the world did 2014 go?

Life has been crazy, busy and wonderful all at the same time.

Usually at the end of every year I reflect on the past and post my goals for the future..... guess what? I started that post.... and just deleted it because we are already in the middle of January and I just barely reopened my Blogger. Time flies when you're having fun! Sometimes even when your not.

2013 Holidays - They were hectic but good.

Thanksgiving 2013 I spent alone at home and working a second job at Macy's to pay towards Alexys' cheer fees. The kiddos were the lucky ones and went with Paul to see Grandma and Grandpa Brooks in Eastern Oregon. They both had a great time and were blessed to have lots of with their grandparents.
Chandler, Paul and Grandpa Steve went camping on the Summit Creek Property the day after Thanksgiving. They spent the night in the new cabin, made huge fires, and Chandler even got to drive Paul and Grandpa Steve around in Grandpa's new UTV. He said he really had a great time and it was special to have one-on-one time with family. Alexys on the other hand got spoiled by Grandpa Gerri doing Black Friday Shopping in Baker for the first time. Grandma Gerri took her to pick out her birthday gifts and just have a wonderful girls day! I am so blessed that the Brooks Family really spent some extra time with the kiddo's over Thanksgiving break and made it extra special for them. It was hard for me to have the holiday without the kids but it was for a good cause.

Christmas 2013 was wonderful. The kids and I really missed all of our family in Utah but it was nice for us to have a Christmas at home with no where to go this year.
Our 2013 Christmas Tree

Christmas Eve we all took the train to downtown Portland and the kids passed out hats to the homeless and each had a set amount that they were given to bless the homeless. It was a really neat experience to watch the kids try to find the people that they felt needed their blessings the most. As a mom, I had plenty of tear filled moments as I saw the kids reaching outside of their comfort zones and really trying to make connections with people. I do have to say this was the highlight of Christmas for me. It was everything I hoped it could be.

Christmas Eve Dinner Table Setting

Paul and the kids sorting out gifts!

The stockings were hung...

After blessing the homeless in Portland we went home and made Christmas Eve Dinner together as a family, opened up our presents and watched Christmas movies until we were all ready for sleep.

Christmas morning we all slept in.... woke up and went through our stockings to see what great surprises Santa Clause left us.... and spent the entire day as a family in our jammies watching movies. It was the best ever!!!

New Year's Eve...... I was sick and in bed early. Alexys went with Jordan to a family party and Paul and Chandler slept through the new year with me. See how fun our family is? LOL

So now on to 2014. We are simply blessed. Alexys had a brief set back with cheer because of a MCL Strain but by the first of the year she was back and working hard. Her Competition Season has officially started and is going to be crazy and exciting. We are really excited for all of the trips we get to take and places we will have the opportunity to see throughout the season. Here are a few pictures from this month so far.

Alexys and Jordan. So glad he came to support her doing what she loves!

Waiting for awards.

P4 Team

Alexys, Coach AmyLynn and Coach Heather. Best coaches ever!

Alexys and her Coaches having fun!
Competition Floor

Thankfully I am done working at Macy's since it was only a seasonal position and was blessed to be offered extra hours for a couple months at my day time job. I plan to enjoy my children, be thankful, be happy and be positive. When one door closes another one opens and we really have gotten off to a great start this year.

Who knows when I will be able to update next - from now till mid April I will be busy working, working, working, being a Mom and a Cheer Mom. Every weekend has something to do with cheer so if you don't hear from me.... I am okay, Just enjoying my children. :) Much Love