Monday, September 5, 2016

College.... AGAIN!

I've talked about returning to school for a few years. Each time that I made the decision to go back something came up, something changed, marriages, divorce, job loss, health. You name it! Ten years ago I started my college journey, eight years ago I obtained my Associate Degree and due to a new marriage took a break from school. I returned while I lived in Arizona and took yet another break due to my divorce. I was really ready a couple years back to return to school but with kids, cheer, travel, job changes I just couldn't commit to myself to return.

Today, I finished week three! Two months ago I enrolled in my Bachelor of Psychology Program and committed that this time I am doing it! The first week back was almost a slap in the face. Of course I thought I knew what I was doing, yadi yadi yada. I thought hey it's like riding a bike, I did it once before, I've got this. Well, there was lots to relearn.

Everyday in class I learn something new. A new resource, tool, book, and lately I have learned a lot more about myself. One of my classes is Becoming a Mastery Student; I wasn't thrilled about what I thought was going to be a useless class. I will totally admit it - I WAS WRONG!!!! This class has tested and shown me my learning style, strengths and weaknesses and how to change weaknesses into strengths. It's also helped with some of the basics like how to write an APA Paper, correct in-text citation and reference pages. All which will be useful in my future classes and much in my everyday life.

While I like a new challenge from time to time I feel that this is going to be one of my greatest challenges. There's a lot going on in life, much to focus on, much to be distracted by. I've decided it's about time management, quality of life and figuring out my future. The struggle is REAL but it is GOOD!

Everything happens for a reason right? It's time to start writing new chapters to my story. It's time for me.

Guess who's expecting?

Life is full of unexpected changes and moments that we will cherish for a lifetime.

Just a few short weeks ago I found out that my baby girl is expecting a baby in February.

While I am over the moon excited for her and what life has in store, as I mom I am so nervous for this new adventure she is beginning. It's an everyday struggle being so far away from her and now missing her first doctors appointments, ultrasounds, maternity clothes shopping, you know... all of those wonderful joyful moments that mothers share with their daughter's as they are preparing to become a new mommy.

Through all of those inner struggles I have, I remind myself to "Be Strong" as she has one of the most amazing support systems a mother could ask for for their child. She is surrounded by so many people who may not be blood but have provided her stronger "family" ties than I could have provided myself. Alexys lives with friends of mine that I met about ten years ago; Laura and Randy are perfect examples of what a strong relationship, marriage and support system looks like and wonderful examples to my daughter.

In addition, she has this guy and his family plus lots of dear cheer family friends. Tonight while talking to Alexys she told me that three years ago today was her second day of school, it was also the day that she met Jordan. Who knew that just one month later they would start to write the story of the rest of their lives....  Jordan's family is yet another amazing example of what love and family is all about. They have  been so amazing to my sweet girl from the start.

While I didn't plan on being a grandmother at age 35 I couldn't have asked for a better gift for 2017. Absolutely everything happens for a reason. Three years ago these two met and started their story and exactly five months from today they are starting their family.

I can't wait to see what story they write. I am so grateful to be Alexys' Mom and can't wait to be this little nuggets grammy! Before anyone asks, nope they aren't engaged and they are okay with that. In due time they will find the right time, moment and place to write their story their own way.