Monday, September 8, 2014

Chandler's Birthday

So I am totally just trying to get caught up. 

All Chandler wanted for his birthday was for his dad to come in town and for us to have a family day. Surprise! Wish Granted! He got an entire weekend of family and birthday fun!!!

Chandler woke up to decorations everywhere! 
His bedroom door! Even balloons all over the floor!! 
 Confetti (BTW - still finding it in the oddest places)
 Good Morning - Balloons and Dad! 

 "I don't want my picture taken"
 Chandler opening his new laptop, birthday present from MOM.

We had a fun filled day that started with Mom  (me) making pancakes for breakfast. 
Followed by a trip to John's Incredible Pizza for family arcade time and pizza for lunch. 
Laser Tag at Laserport!
Then home for Green Salad, Rib-eye Steaks, Parmesan Corn on the Cob for dinner.

 Selfies with his sister!
Karaoke and Lights 
 Silly pics
 and don't forget the birthday cake!!
 Here he is telling me to hold on....
because he wanted to video me videoing him.  
Blowing out the candles 
 still attached to his phone
 HAPPY 15th BIRTHDAY to this goofball!
 We had cake and played Cards Against Humanity

Family Cake Fun!!! 

 Father Son Laugh
Look I actually got a good one of them! 

Chandler had an amazing 15th Birthday. The following day Paul took him to the Hillsboro HOPS Baseball Game while Alexys and I worked it. They had a great time watching the HOPS WIN!

This was a birthday that I think we will all remember - such a great time.