Monday, February 11, 2013

Weekend Update/Friends

I saw this on Facebook yesterday and really felt that I had to share it. But I didn't just want to hit that lovely share button so I decided I would blog with the saying instead. I really feel that sometimes you hear, see or experience what you need to in the time that you need to most. This weekend was another one of those weekends where God just really spoke to me through others.

This weekend we were blessed to be able to go and watch a friend be baptized at church and then later invited to share an afternoon with the same family. This weekend was one of the first that felt like an every day normal weekend. I wasn't consumed with loneliness or anger and was able to truly enjoy a weekend with my children. Friday night we had a "Cheer Movie Marathon" and watch all four of the Bring It On movies. So good! Saturday we woke up and just had family time, and later enjoyed the company of great friends.

Seeing the above photo saying really reminded me that family is the close friends you really share life with. The people who call with concern when they haven't heard from you, show up when you are having a bad day, offer to help without even having to be asked. They are the people who know who you really are, the ones you don't have to put the "life is good" mask on for and the ones who see through the fake smile you put on your face or in the tone of your voice. I have come to greatly appreciate the importance of the friends of mine that I consider to be my family. You know who you are and thank you for being there for me in some of my darkest days, for listening to me go on and on and on and on, for offering advice and for telling me when I am being absolutely unreasonable.