Saturday, February 23, 2013


FAITH is like the wind, 

You can't see it

But you know it is there. 

I have been questioned about my faith many of times. I am questioned as to why I give God so much credit for the great things in my life, finances, children, blessings, etc.  So first to get things out of the way, financially I have to thank Paul, because of the long hours he puts in with few days off ever I have been able to meet my financial obligations. Because of his dedication to his career we were able to move to Arizona, purchase and sell a home which has enabled me to meet my monthly expenses so far.

Putting that aside, I believe that through Faith I can do anything. I am a Christian and I believe in God. I believe that through the power of prayer great things happen. I also believe that I am never alone; I believe that God has his arms wrapped around me all the time, he is all knowing and always there for me. My faith in God and prayer are the intangible things that have gotten me through the last few months. I have seen the power of prayer work in my life, I have seen when I give it to God and let his will be done that my life seems to fall into place and life happens as he has it planned out for me. 

With all of that said, I believe that everything happens for a reason. Life works out the way it is meant to be. I reflect on my past and realize that I have been the happiest and noticeably so when I allow God and faith to lead my life. I have overcome what seemed to be some of the most impossible situations and yes I give that credit to God for watching over me and leading me in the right directions in life, for showing me the greatness this life has to offer. 

For the last couple of months I have struggled trying to settle in back here in Utah, trying to help the kids adjust to a new and different way of life. It has been a very humbling experience. After two months of searching for a new career I was blessed with many interviews over the last couple of weeks and have accepted a new position as a Benefit Coordinator. I have dealt with Medicaid in the past and many personal health insurance companies but not at this level. I am excited for this new adventure and am excited for the many challenges I already for see for myself in this new career but for me what is most exciting is knowing that through faith and hard work I will be able to overcome obstacles and challenges and I will look back and giggle at the nervousness I have now. 


Today I reflect on how blessed my life has been and is going to be. I am grateful for new opportunities. I am also grateful for the humbling experiences I have had and am sure I will have more of in the future. Through each challenge I face I remember that each struggle or challenge from my past has created the person I am and chose to be now. One challenge that is a hard pill to swallow is the reality that I will not be as available for my children. I am really going to miss being a stay at home mom and I am sure my children will miss it to. Working full time and being a full time student and single mother are going to be major challenges, I am sure we as a family will struggle however I have faith that it will all work out and I have faith that when I am not at my children's side that God will be and knowing that gives me great comfort. 

Okay, so here's another super religious rambling post. Just love me and know that when I blog I blog from the heart and I blog about those things that way heaviest on my mind and heart. I am grateful for amazing children, great friends, family, a place to call home, and a new career. I am blessed to have such great people in my life; past, present and future. Night.