Sunday, March 24, 2013

March Update

So I was about to update my FB Status when I realized that I had way to much to share in a status and it's been over a months since my last blog. 

Life has been amazing, crazy, hectic, wonderful, horrible, scary, overwhelming, emotional and any other feeling you could insert here <          >! So I guess I will attempt to update as much as possible before I fall asleep. LOL

WORK ~ I started an amazing job about a month ago. I am a Benefits Administrator for a human resources company here in Utah. Now when I researched and planned this job I though, benefits.... I can totally handle that. 401K's, health insurance, dental, life and so on right? Never did I realize that I would deal with every single insurance company under the sun as well as handle all of the accounts receivable, payable and reconcile all of the bills oh joy! Actually, I really do totally love my job. There is so much more to learn and each day I am excited to learn new things and new skills. I work with the most amazing group of people who are so warm and kind and helpful while I am still getting my feet wet. My first interview I just knew it felt right. My first day, I was taking a tour of the office and noticed more than half of the the staff had the fuzzy slippers under their desks and comfortable blankets wrapped around them. Totally my style! So I am excited to see what is in my future with this company and feel so blessed to have found such a great, family oriented company to work.

QUIT SMOKING ~ So I have quit smoking a million times plus one. I always had an excuse of stress, anxiety, blah blah blah for starting back up. Honestly for the most part each time I quit and started back up I became more and more of a closet smoker. I was so disappointed in myself and didn't want others to be disappointed in me for my lack of self control or commitment to quit.So, this time I did it for me! Not my kids, not my health, not my ex husband, not because I had to........ but because I was ready and I wanted to. I quit on February 25th, which happened to also be my first day of work. I didn't want anyone to know I smoked so I decided not to smoke that morning. I was fine all day long and questioned if I could just not do it... I struggled... BUT I DID IT! I am so proud of myself! So like any other addiction or habit - I have to take it one day at a time and be proud of my accomplishments and reflect on my past. I am so blessed. 

KIDS ~ Oh my children. My daughter went through a lot of firsts lately. She had her first heartbreak, she got to learn to drive, she passed the test and obtained her driving permit! She also became Suzy Homemaker to help out her crazy busy momma. She also made Varsity Cheer!! I just have to say, being a teenager was so hard for me, trying to figure out who I was, where I was going and who I wanted to be.... the only thing harder than being a teenager is being the mother to a teenager. We laugh, we cry, we argue, we fight, we sing, we make up, we live. I have the most amazing daughter, she makes her fair share of mistakes, but she learns quickly from them and moves on. She is so loving and kind. And lately has been our homemaker. She wants to earn money for a car and I am overwhelmed - so she earns money each night she cooks dinner. She offered to make and pack my lunches so she earns money for that too. But really, besides like any teen wanting to earn money, I appreciate that wants to help her brother with his homework and help me out and bless our family with her wonderful gift and ability to be an amazing cook! On that note - I totally have to thank Paul for being an amazing teacher - cause he taught her most of what she knows when it comes to cooking and grilling.

Chandler, well besides the fact that I wish this kid would cut his hair is the most amazing son I could ask for. Totally getting amazing grades, mostly A's and a couple B's! He is enjoying lots of extra time on the XBOX, playing basketball at the nearby park and just being a goof ball. I am so blessed to have a son that stands up for himself but also stands up for others. He is firm in his moral and belief system. He is looking forward to warmer weather and me being finished with school for the summer so we can enjoy more family outdoor activities. 

SCHOOL ~ Well both the kids are working hard and getting amazing grades in school. I am in the second session of my semester at ASU and taking way too many credits! 18 total this semester, 6 the first half and 12 currently. Let's just say I work, study and sleep. Which is why I am so blessed to have amazing children helping me pull through for the next six in a half weeks till the semester is over. I am looking into the Social Work and Psychology Programs at UVU and U of U to determine location and degree wise which school I will transfer to for this fall semester. Which also means I need to HURRY UP! I am taking the summer semester off to enjoy my children in my free time outside of work.

 FAMILY ~ Grandma M. The last two Sunday's we have been going to see my Grandma M who lives in an amazing assisted living facility. Unfortunately, Grandma is at that stage that she often doesn't remember who we are or that she is no longer a child but she sure can be fun to visit. Personally, I have a harder time visiting because Grandma often asks to go home or complains that she doesn't like it where she is, I have a harder time not visiting with my Grandma like we used to; but the kids... bless their hearts, totally love, embrace and enjoy our visits to see Grandma and look forward to the next week. Today we visited and took her some M&M's, we arrived and she was watching golf... really who watches golf! Se we changed the channel to a movie channel and started chatting. At first she wasn't sure who we were or how we got there; much less how she got there. Then when I was on a call Alexys and Chandler helped her open her M&M's and were talking about everything and nothing. Grandma started lobbing candy at Chandler to get his attention, then at me to get off the phone; we laughed! We had a few brief moments of the grandma I remember, asking about Paul and if we were moving back from Arizona, we shared that we moved back and how the kids were doing in school and then she was done. Back to questioning who we were. Alexys showed grandma her dance and new cheer that she learned and Chandler told her about his new XBOX game (which none of us understood. LOL) and then we had to go. I hate to leave her but am so blessed to have my memories with her. I look forward to each of our future weekly visits, each time hoping to steal just a few moments of time when she remembers.

~ BABY OWEN ~ So tonight we had a family dinner at dad's to celebrate Casey and Cheresa's birthday's this month and we all received the most amazing surprise! Baby Owen Arrived!!! No one was able to touch or hold him just yet but for the first time the kids were able to meet their adorable cousin and I was finally able to see my nephew again since I hadn't seen him since August. Everyone says he is still so small but to me he seems So BIG! I remember how tiny he was in August when I met him and now he is none months old and maybe small for his age and adjusted age but he looks absolutely perfect to me! He giggled, smiled and cood; even his brief little cry was a delight. We are so blessed to have him as a part of our family! On that note, Today was also the first time the kids and I had a chance to see my brother in law A (also known as Owen's Amazing Fire Fighting Dad) since we visited in August. With his work schedule and Owen not being able to be around anyone he has been spending as much extra time with his little guy as possible. So it was nice to finally have the whole family under one roof for a family dinner! Actually it was the first time since the kids and I visited last March - so the first time in the last year that we had all been in one place at one time! We all enjoyed great conversation, totally were all goo goo eyed over Owen and enjoyed simply just seeing and watching him. Several played a new card game with the kiddo's. All in all - I couldn't have asked for a better family dinner or a better way to end one week and start another.

FUTURE ~ I am unsure of what the future holds but what ever it is I am sure it will be wonderful. We are looking forward to continuing to resettle and reestablish our roots here in Utah. We are excited for warmer weather and summer cause we are still totally freezing here in Utah. Hoping we may take one or two vacations this summer to new and exciting places we have never been, going camping and spending time on the water with the family boating and fishing. And simply seeing what plan's God has in store for us. 

~EVERYTHING HAPPENS FOR A REASON~ and I, am totally okay with that. Night all.