Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Having Faith

Sometime you totally just have to have faith....

A friend of mine posted this on Facebook. Today I decided it totally applied and I felt that I needed to share and post.

Alexys started school Tuesday. She has had a difficult time transitioning, my heart aches for her because she misses Arizona, her friends and her school so much. On the other hand, Chandler is thriving at school and has transitioned well. He is making new friends at school and adapting to life here, not that he doesn't miss Arizona life but he is handling the changes pretty well.

As for me, the challenges with the children have been hard but I am making it through day by day and sometimes moment by moment. Finally I have had a minor break through on the job hunting end of things! Who knows how many resumes I have sent out or online applications I have completed but today it totally paid off; I received three phone calls and have interviews lined up. School is crazy hectic for me but I am keeping up with it.

After taking the last year and a half off of work the idea of getting back into the working world was something I was half looking forward to and half dreading. It has been amazing to experience being a stay at home mother and a full time student. Being a full time homemaker was far more difficult than I could have ever imaged it would be. I easily filled my time volunteering with the kids activities, being carpool mom, and running errands, I often found myself wondering how I ever made time to do all of those things when I worked. I now have a very high respect for stay at home parents, it really is a full time job in itself!

I know that while continuing to be a full time student - silly me signed up for 18 credit hours this semester - it will be good for me to get back into the working world. I am excited to get my independence back and see what new adventures are to come.

*Everything Happens For A Reason *