Sunday, January 13, 2013

Humbling Weekend

This weekend was humbling. 

The kids and I had the opportunity to worship with The Journey Church on Saturday. It was so good to see some familiar faces and worship with a great group of people. The message for service was "Time to Change", those of you how know me well know that our family is going through a lot of change and it has been extremely difficult and challenging on myself and the kids. However, that night I was able to see a new perspective that I had not yet thought of and that is that instead of being down because I am broken ... I need to allow God to fill me up! As hard as it has been it was so important to me that I was reminded that even though at times I feel so very alone that I am not, that He is with me, by my side and guiding me through my days. It is amazing when I stop attempting to control what is going on and when I give it to God that he simply provides. My needs are met, my children are healthy, we have a roof over our heads and our food in our stomachs and we are surrounded by loving people when we allow Him to guide us and let those people in. We are so blessed. 
                                                       AMEN to this!

Today we were invited to worship with some friends at a City Church in Sandy, UT. First off it is located in the heart of my childhood stomping grounds. It was cool to drive through Sandy and see the changes. Sandy Mall is now Sandy Village, and where the Albertson's and Fred Meyers used to be they have torn down and begun to rebuild. So it was neat to see the changes. City Church is located in the (super old according to my children) dollar theater, next to the current Movie 9. It was amazing to see what the people of City Church were able to do with an old run down theater and how they were able to make the space meet their needs to worship and serve God. When we arrived the people there were so kind and friendly, (No, not all churches are this way). The worship team was absolutely AMAZING!! (Even though I pointed out to Claire today that when they started it reminded me of the old Disney Sing-A-Longs, LOL - Just because these people are so animated while praising and worshiping God). The message today was about Seasons and the pastor was really able to get the message across without the kids falling asleep. For me, the highlight of City Church was mine and the kids drive home when we were all alone and I asked them what they thought. Chandler said that the song worship didn't seem never ending and he actually understood the message. Alexys said that she also enjoyed it and really wants to go back. I have been trying to talk these two into experiencing something new instead of sticking to what we did the last time we lived here.... today I was grateful we did. The kids are excited about church again, they are excited about God! I am just thankful that we have found a place where the kids are excited to go and I won't have to drag them out of bed to get to church on time.

In all, I was reminded that it is okay to be broken. I was reminded that I need to embrace my brokenness and allow God to lift me up and trust in Him that when He see's fit that everything will work out the way he has planned for me.I am excited to start a new week in such good spirits and knowing that God's got it if I allow him. 

God Bless