Friday, January 18, 2013


Yesterday I had an interview, it was kind of off the wall - so I totally had to share. But because I don't want to rag on a specific company I will call it Company X. 

So I had an interview at Company X and was kind of excited because the job location was super close to home. When I arrived and walked in the door the odor was horrible; come to find out they deal with waste. I walk in and introduce myself to be met with a cat. For those of you who don't know already, I am totally highly allergic to cats! I completed the paperwork and basic math skills test as requested and start interviewing. The "Lady" at Company X started out with no cell phones, EVER, inside the office. It's a simply rule, no biggie right? Then she proceeded to tell me that with the minimal which is about $5 an hour less than what I was last making that they also only have 10 employees and that there is no time off, no health insurance options, actually no benefits, ever. Because the person would be the only person in the office that it would also be unacceptable to take time off for children's school activities or doctor appointments as needed. Least to say, what she was saying is that she really needs to hire someone who has no need for benefits, will run a business for the owner for almost free, that has no children and will happily live in the rancid office with a couple of cats. Towards the end of the interview "Lady" asked me if I was okay, I explained I was fine however she said I looked upset or like I was going to cry. Finally I realized that since the cats were hanging around the office and walking all over the desk near me that my eyes had begun to puff and were swollen, making it appear that I was about to cry. I thanked her for her concern and explained that I really was just fine but super allergic to the cats, her response was oh, well if you can accept the $5 an hour less in pay and work with the cats in the office to let her know. 

Least to say, I will not be working for Company X. LOL It was a really good opportunity to practice my interviewing skills though. Everything happens for a reason - I received several emails and a couple of phone calls to line up interviews for next week. I am excited to see what the future holds for me. Kids, school and finding work..... it's great finding our new normal. 

Happy Friday - Have a great weekend.