Saturday, January 5, 2013


I often find myself alone with my thoughts, at times they are overwhelming. I question if I made the right decisions. I worry that moving back to Utah was the wrong one for myself and my children. 

I genuinely attempt to be an optimistic and positive person, sometimes to a fault. I saw this photo posted by a friend in Arizona today and it really hit home. As hard as it is to close the door on the past, the what if's, and what could have been, Today I have to start fresh, Today I have to go forward. Not just for me but for my children. I have to focus on what will be instead of what could have been. 

Now, if you truly know me... you will know that this will be a difficult step to take. So many people have made the same comments, "You are so strong" or "You are handling this so well" or "You are so positive". Let's be honest here and now. I where my heart on my sleeve however lock my feelings up tight where most are unable to see them. Often times I want to crawl into a corner and cry, but reality is I can't. I have two children who are both going through lots of emotions and anger so I get to suck it up and be there for my children. 

I don't know what tomorrow will bring, but what I do know is that it is time to take a deep breath and step into a new life. We will see

 Another fitting photo saying. Here is to the beginning of the rest of my life.