Monday, January 28, 2013

Fun Weekend

It amazes me how quickly time flies by. It really seems like just yesterday the kids were starting preschool and kindergarten and now they are in seventh and ninth grade. I am so bless to have two wonderful and amazing children, their quirks brighten my days.

Saturday, Chandler decided he wanted to stay home and play XBox with his Arizona friends online while Alexys and I went to a craft boutique; poor kiddo doesn't like to do the girly things with his mom and sister. So Alexys and I went to Heartfelt Wall Hangings in West Jordan; we lucked out and there was enough space in the classroom that we were both able to pick out a craft project and each of us were able to do the cute free project. We had lots of fun picking out the colors we would paint our blocks and deciding which ribbon to add and how much glitter was enough or borderline too much. Really it was great! Of course I had a highlight moment - the gals that were coming in to do a project as we were leaving were talking and Alexys made a "MOM" comment and one gal looked over and said "She isn't your daughter? You look way too young to have a daughter her age." I just smiled and said, yep she sure is mine, she's fifteen and yes I am too young to have a teenage daughter. Totally made my day, the group of gals went on how they thought we were friends or sisters, so of course I had a "I'm feeling young" moment.

Alexys' Be Mine Craft
Her Cute Heart Project with a HUGE Bow!

Anyhow we finished off our afternoon by picking up her friend Kiana for a sleepover. Since went home and were all bored out of our minds we decided to do a family Walmart trip. Most people who know Alexys also know that it doesn't matter how big or small the shopping cart is or how tall Alexys is she is going to totally fit into that cart and have me push her around. (I just look at it as an extra weight to the cart I am pushing around helps with exercise, right? LOL) Anyhow here is a picture of Alexys and Kiana both fitting into the cart. - Oh and Chandler went with but took off and left us girls to go look at the magazines and games.Lil Booger!

After our Walmart adventure, the girls took off to do facials and paint nails while Chandler and I had some Mom and Son time watching movies together. We totally both fell asleep on the couch - ICK! But it was a great time.

Sunday we took Kiana home and on our way back home since we live in the boonies I decided it was time to teach Alexys to drive "Red" which is our name for the Ford. Now, Alexys went driving three or four times with me in Arizona but we went in the Chevy which was diesel and bigger and well it just didn't have as much pick up and go - and we drove around the dry school parking lot when no one was there. She has always been super responsible and cautious when it comes to driving, it actually is kind of cute how she gets nervous and freaks out just a little big. Anyhow, so we were about two miles from our house when I pulled off the road and told her it was her turn to drive. She was totally nervous because she had never driven the Ford or on wet roads, or half circles or roundabouts, LOL. But she has really been studying for her permit and constantly reminds me when I am making an illegal traffic violation, so I decided it was time to give her a try. She did AMAZING, I am so proud of her! She drove slightly under the 35 mph speed limit, was perfect around the roundabout, hugged the right side of the road but all in all did really well. I totally had to tease her about her left hand turns though.... both times she nearly stopped in the middle of the road to make her left hand turn but in her defense she had never really driven with other cars on the road so making a left with a car sitting there watching on wet road, she did great! Scary to think she will be driving by the end of the year. Growing up so fast.

The rest of our Sunday was peaceful and quiet. We all were good and completed our weekend homework assignments (Alexys had a research paper and I had several assignments I postponed for fun) then treated ourselves to watching a couple of family movies. I love Sunday afternoons when we all just spend time hanging out together, no arguing for fighting, just good old fashion bonding time. Bliss.

This morning, I was sad our weekend was over.... I love the quality bonding time with the kids, I love window shopping at Walmart pushing the girls around, dancing and having fun. I really do love being a mom, my children are the two most amazing blessings ever. I am so grateful that I get to watch them learn and grow and I can totally admit that even they are able to teach me a thing or two.

Simply Blessed